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Mobile Banking

Banking in the palm of your hand. 

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BaZing mobile app — offering you all kinds of ways to save green.

Getting an oil change? Save with BaZing. Ordering pizza after a hectic day? Save with BaZing. Taking a weekend trip? You guessed it. And, BaZing offers added savings and protection tools. When you pay your cell phone bill from your Midland account, your cell phone has added cell phone protection coverage. Cell phone, accidental travel insurance, roadside assistance, health savings cards and more!

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Popmoney. The easy way to send and receive money. 

All you need is a name, email address or mobile phone number to send money from your account to anyone in the United States. Popmoney eliminates the hassle of paying by check or cash.

Here's how it works:


Popmoney login steps


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