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Hand holding Midland States Bank personal debit card
Personal Debit Mastercard

Essential everyday benefits built into your card. 

Your debit card comes with the following benefits:*

Mastercard® Debit Cards

Mastercard ID Theft Protection 

Effective July 1, 2019


Available to all Mastercard consumer debit cardholders in the US.

Identity Theft Protection provides you with access to a number of Identity Theft resolution services, should you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft. This product offering will alert you about a possible identity theft by monitoring the surface, dark and deep web, searching for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of your registered personal information in order to detect fraud at its inception.


Enrollment is required to receive this benefit.

Services are provided on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year. In order to receive the following services, you must enroll here


This service includes…

  • Online Monitoring Dashboard (requires activation)
  • Monthly Risk Alert/Newsletter
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Resolution Services
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • Single Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Financial Account Takeover
  • URL and Domain Monitoring



There are no charges for these services, as they are provided by Midland States Bank.


Guide to Benefits 

Full details are available within the Mastercard Guide to Benefits. Visit a Midland location or view your Personal Debit Card Mastercard Guide to Benefits

Zero Liability

Mastercard cardholders pay only for the purchases they have authorized on their US issued Mastercard card and won’t be held liable in the event of an unauthorized purchase. Zero liability applies to purchases made in the store, over the telephone, online, or via a mobile device and ATM transactions. Cardholders should not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if they have used reasonable care in protecting the card from loss or theft; and promptly reported loss or theft to Midland.



Mastercard Airport Concierge

Available 24/7/365 at over 450 destinations worldwide, Cardholders that request this service receive access to preferred rates for a personal, dedicated Meet and Greet agent to escort them through the airport on departure, arrival and/or any connecting flights. There are also certain airports where customers can be expedited through the security and/or the immigration process.



Priceless Offers & Experiences

Offers Mastercard cardholders the opportunity to engage in exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the people they love in the cities where they live and travel.



Mastercard Global Service

  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Lost/Stolen Card Reports



Instant Issue Debit Cards

If you ever lose or accidentally destroy your debit card, you can come into any branch and have a new one printed on the spot. 


Also, your debit card comes with the following Mastercard enhancements*:

Extended Warranty*

Doubles the original manufacturer’s (or store brand) warranty. Coverage is for eligible items purchased with your Mastercard.

Satisfaction Guarantee*

Covers most purchases, up to $250, if the cardholder becomes dissatisfied with a new product within 60 days of purchase and the merchant will not accept the item for return. There is a maximum of four (4) claim(s) per cardholder per twelve (12) month period.

*Benefits are subject to terms, conditions and limitations, including limitations on the amount of coverage. Coverage is provided by New Hampshire Insurance Company, an AIG Company, or Warranty Guard, an AIG company Satisfaction Guarantee. All benefits provide secondary coverage only. Not available for Health Savings Debit Cards.