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Overdraft Protection Services

When you open a Midland States Bank checking account, you'll have access to several types of overdraft protection tools. Upon opening an account, we automatically enroll you in Courtesy Overdraft Coverage. You can also use your savings or money market as added overdraft protection. Here's how we help protect you from overdrawing your account.

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courtesy overdraft decorative imageCourtesy Overdraft Coverage²

When you open a Midland checking account, you automatically receive our Courtesy Overdraft Coverage.


What’s Covered:

  • Covers items such as checks, ACH items and recurring debit card transactions, which are typically used for automatic payment of subscriptions, dues, utility payments, etc.
  • Your individual coverage limits are calculated automatically based on data, including deposit and overdraft activity
  • Overdraft payment is at Midland’s discretion


What’s Not Covered:

  • ATM or everyday Debit Card transactions


What It Costs:

If you like the security of knowing this feature is available, add it to your account for free!  A charge only occurs if it is used.

  • A $36.00 fee is charged each time we pay an overdraft
  • Maximum of 6 fees per account per business day for a total of $216
  • We do not charge for overdrafts if the checking account has an aggregate negative balance of $5 or less

extend your overdraft coverage decorative imageExtend Your Overdraft Coverage

You can elect to extend your Courtesy Overdraft Coverage to include the items below. Just like The Courtesy Overdraft coverage, this safety umbrella is free to add to your account. Only if the coverage is used will you pay a fee.


What’s Covered:

  • ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions in addition to items covered by Courtesy Overdraft Coverage.


How do I change my overdraft election to include ATM and everyday debit card purchases?

  • If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and one-time debit card transactions, call 855-696-4352 or visit a Midland States Bank near you to change your overdraft election.


savings transfer decorative iconSavings Transfer Protection

Prevent overdrafts by opting into this optional coverage that uses your Midland savings or Money Market accounts as backups for your checking account. Doing so allows you to prevent overdrafts without the complication of requiring credit approval. When opted into this service, we will automatically transfer money from your savings or money market account to cover the insufficient funds. The total amount of coverage depends on the available balance in your additional account.


What It Costs:

  • $10 fee per transfer
  • Transfer protection occurs in $100 increments

Reserve line of credit protection decorative iconReserve Line of Credit Protection¹

A reserve line of credit protection is an unsecured line of credit that prevents cash flow shortages and overdraft fees. Apply for this coverage to automatically transfer cash from your line of credit to your overdrawn transactions. It prevents your checking account from having a negative balance.


What It Costs:

  • $10 fee per transfer + interest charged on the balance of your line of credit
  • Transfer protection occurs in $100 increments
  • Limits of $500-$2,500, depending on your account
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How do I change my overdraft election?

Call 855-696-4352 or visit a Midland States Bank near you to change your overdraft election to include ATM and everyday debit card purchases, opt in to Savings Transfer Protection, or apply for a Reserve Line of Credit Protection.

Ways to Avoid Fees:

Transfer Money - Move money between accounts using Online Banking, Midland’s Mobile App, or by visiting any of our locations prior to applicable cutoff times.

Deposit Funds - Make a deposit at a branch or by using Mobile Check Deposit prior to applicable cutoff times

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How to Receive Account Alerts and Notifications

Midland States Bank offers account alerts and overdraft notifications to help you monitor your account and avoid overdrafts.

Alerts and Notifications

Account Alerts – Set low balance alerts in Online Banking that notify you by text message when your account falls below your desired amount. You can also set alerts to notify you of large withdrawals, large deposits, or to send you a regular text with balance updates. All of these are based on the criteria you choose. You can also use the settings section on our mobile app to set up these notifications.


Debit Card Alerts – With the My Card Rules app, you have the ability to deny debit card transactions that exceed the per transaction or monthly spend limits you set.


Get the App


Text Banking

Use simple text messages to instantly check your balance, transfer funds, view your transfer activity, and more. To sign up, access additional services in your Midland online banking account.


Account Login




Call or Stop By

Check your balance by calling 855-696-4352, or visiting a branch near you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Overdrafts happen when you spend more than you have in your bank account. This can result in bounced checks, unfulfilled payments, and more. Overdraft fees are a charge you receive from your financial institution when it covers a payment made that exceeds the amount of funds available in your checking account. With a Midland States Bank checking account, you automatically receive our Courtesy Overdraft Coverage with the option to opt into additional overdraft protection services.

When processing items drawn on your account, our policy is to pay in the following order. (1) ATM/Point of Sale items are paid first. (2) ACH items are paid next. (3) Checks and drafts are paid by lower check or serial number order after ATM/Point of Sale and ACH items. The order in which items are paid is important if there is not enough money in your account to pay all the items that are presented.

There is no policy that is favorable in every instance. If the smallest items are paid first, you may have fewer NSF or overdraft fees, but the largest, and perhaps more important items (such as rent or mortgage payments) might not be paid. If an item is presented without sufficient funds in your account to pay it, we may, at our discretion, pay the item (creating an overdraft) or return the item (NSF).

The amounts of the overdraft and NSF fees are disclosed elsewhere. By paying items in numerical sequence, we believe our policy attains a reasonable balance between minimizing additional cost to you and paying your more important items. We encourage you to keep careful records and practice good account management. This will help you to avoid writing checks or drafts without sufficient funds and incurring the resulting fees.

Change your overdraft election by calling 855-696-4352 or visiting a Midland States Bank near you.

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Prevent Overdrafts With Midland States Bank

Midland States Bank is committed to open communication and helping you prevent overdrafts. Open an account or opt into our Savings Transfer Protection and Reserve Line of Credit Protection today.

1) Loans based on credit qualifications. 2) Some restrictions may apply. A fee is imposed on overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means. Whether we pay an overdraft is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. A $36 non-sufficient funds (NFS) fee will be charged per returned item. All qualified Midland States Bank checking accounts will automatically receive the protection provided by the Courtesy Overdraft Program. Courtesy Overdraft Fees: Maximum $180 will be charged per continuous overdraft occurrence (25 business days divided by 5 business days = a total of five $36.00 charges per overdraft occurrence). Sustained overdraft fees begin the day of your first overdraft, per overdraft occurrence. How this charge is calculated: If your account is overdrawn, a sustained overdraft fee of $36 is charged every 5 business days up to the 25th business day. The total of your overdraft balance, including any and all bank fees and charges, is immediately due and payable when incurred and you will continue to be liable for such amounts pursuant to the terms of the account agreement. See our Courtesy Overdraft Policy for further information.