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Start earning more for you or your business with these limited-time special offers on CDs.

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Special CD Offer for You or Your Business


3 Month CD

3.29% APY


9 Month CD

4.32% APY


18 Month CD



36 Month CD

3.80% APY


Minimum Opening Balance: $500

To open a CD at this special rate, visit any Midland States Bank location.

financial goals iconReach Your Financial Goals with a CD

A CD is a much safer investment option compared to stocks, which can be volatile. Whether you choose a short-term or a long-term CD, you'll be guaranteed a rate of return without having to worry about fluctuating rates or lost funds.

Also, compared to savings or money market accounts, you can typically expect to receive higher interest rates. If you do not need your money for a while, investing it in CDs can provide a better rate of return, making it easier to reach your savings goals.


Options to Fit Your Needs

Open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) account to save for a family vacation or purchase a new home. You can even open a business CD to help with future inventory. Whatever you’re saving for, a CD can help get you there. When you invest savings in a CD, your money will grow at a fixed interest rate for a specific amount of time.

Interested in different terms other than our 18-month special? Other terms can range from 1 week to 60 months or even longer depending on the amount of time you want to leave your money in the account.

During your chosen term, you'll be able to earn high interest rates. You'll also be able to experience peace of mind knowing that you'll receive guaranteed returns once the term is up.

Why Invest in CDs With Midland States Bank?
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The team at Midland States Bank can help you determine which certificate of deposit option is best for you based on your financial goals. No matter which one you choose, though, you will be able to experience:

Frequently Asked Questions

With a savings account, you'll be able to earn some interest and always have access to your funds. With a CD investment, you'll invest your money for a specific amount of time and then receive that amount plus interest once the term is up.

Yes, CDs are insured by the FDIC up to the maximum amount allowed and are a low-risk investment option.

You can, but there will be early withdrawal penalties. If you’d like to learn more about saving account options like CD’s, contact us today.

At Midland States Bank, our CDs require a minimum of $500 to get started.

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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of 1/20/2023. Minimum opening balance and minimum to obtain disclosed APY is $500. Not available to Public Funds or other Financial Institutions. Withdrawals may reduce earnings and are subject to early withdrawal penalties. Fees may reduce earnings. Offer subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. Each renewal term will be the same as original term. Member FDIC.