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Life Insurance in Financial Planning

Insurance policies provide financial security and play an essential role in your long-term wealth strategy. Life insurance can be used as a risk management tool as part of your comprehensive financial plan. Our financial advisors prioritize goals-based financial planning and are here to help you understand your options when it comes to insurance.

Insurance is a highly individualized choice with a variety of plans that cover different risks. If you’re considering life insurance, we recommend involving a financial advisor for guidance. Life insurance as a tool, such as term, whole, or universal, should be based on your specific needs and our financial advisors understand that your needs are ever-changing.

Is the insurance for you, your spouse or the next generation? Life insurance does not only have to be used for unforeseen events or death. It can also be used for philanthropic giving where a charitable organization is designated the beneficiary. We can help strategize the role it plays in your estate planning.

Our financial advisors can also provide guidance on more sophisticated options, such as irrevocable life insurance trusts or ILITs. An ILIT is a type of trust that is funded by one or more life insurance policies. We collaborate and partner with attorneys and consultants to ensure the proper plan is set in place.

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Importance of Insurance Strategy Planning

Insurance companies are constantly changing policy options to suit the current market. You may not have time to do all the necessary research to find your best fit. At Midland Wealth Management, we help take the unknown out of the process and give you the right advice for your unique situation.

We’ll sit down and discuss how we might accomplish your financial goals with insurance as a tool. We can examine your plan and coverage amounts with objectivity. If you want an unbiased set of eyes to review whether you’re in the right insurance plan, contact Midland Wealth Management today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You know that your life can turn upside down in a moment. Having a solid life insurance plan as part of your wealth management can safeguard your money and give you peace of mind. There are tax benefits to insurance plans, too, which is a considerable benefit.

You can purchase a life insurance policy at nearly any age. In general, you’ll pay less in premium amounts, the younger you are when you take out a policy.

If you have a spouse and dependents that rely on you financially, you need a life insurance policy that takes their needs into account. Midland Wealth Management offers advice to people of any age looking to secure their finances for the long run.

Your life insurance needs may decrease over time. Calculating how much life insurance you require involves a variety of factors to ensure you’re not under or over insured.

  • Your age plays a significant role as most need more insurance when you’re younger.
  • Another factor is your personal family situation, perhaps involving a spouse and/or children.
  • Lifestyle and spending habits matter, including debt and other financial obligations.

These are just a few considerations. Contact Midland Wealth Management today to discuss your needs and goals.

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We strive to provide financial freedom through expert wealth management. Our experienced financial advisors have worked with clients, families and businesses alike to find the best solutions to their money management. With us, you get the knowledge and tools for quality comprehensive wealth management that takes every need into account.


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