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The right choice to grow, protect and transfer your assets.

Over the years, you’ve grown your wealth and acquired substantial assets. Figuring out how they’ll be managed during your lifetime—and protected and distributed when you die—requires thoughtful consideration and careful planning. And since nobody can predict when an accident, illness or sudden event may cause death, proactivity is key.


Why hire Midland?


Our experience sets us apart.

We offer experienced estate planning advice and administration, as well as customized trust management for individuals, families, institutions, foundations and endowments. Our experienced trust and estate professionals work with you to consolidate and manage your trust and estate needs, addressing a broad range of concerns, from reducing taxes to maximizing income for your beneficiaries. 


We can act as administrator.

While many people appoint a family member or friend to administer their trust or estate, it may not be in your best interest—the main reason being the lack of experience. Our professionals handle every detail of your trust or estate, from tax returns to bill payment to distributions, relieving you, your family member or friend of the administrative and fiduciary burdens that come with it.


Trust services

By designating Midland to serve as your corporate trustee, you’ll benefit from a wide range of trust services, including:

  • Management, investment and distribution of assets
  • Distribution of trust funds in accordance with your wishes
  • Protection of the confidentiality of information
  • Preparation of tax-related documents


Estate services

When you appoint Midland to be your executor or personal representative, a professional team of specialists will apply skill, sensitivity and discretion in helping you plan for the disposition of your assets and the settlement of your estate through the following services:

  • Probate your will
  • Collect assets and information
  • Determine debts and claims against the estate
  • Manage all elements of the estate, including investments
  • Analyze and resolve time-consuming and complex tax issues
  • Determine and arrange payment of all taxes
  • Distribute the estate


Trust and Estate Planning services offered through Midland States Bank and Midland Trust Company