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One Midland

One Midland LogoOur organization is full of incredible individuals who work hard daily.

One Midland means working together to achieve our goals, collaborating with customers and each other while following our vision and celebrating our successes. Our values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, empowerment, creativity and achievement are the substance behind “Best Bankers.” And since values are at the core of who we are, we want to recognize the teammates who honor them through their behaviors and actions.

"You've Been Spotted" facilitates our colleagues’ recognition.

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You've Been Spotted Instructions

Please keep the recognition going by following these directions:

1. Celebrate your recognition by hanging your Spotted Card at your workspace!


2. Print the double-sided “You’ve Been Spotted” PDF found on this webpage.


3. Cut the squares on the dotted lines.


4. Identify 2-4 coworkers that have exhibited One Midland values that have not been spotted yet.

5. Write a Spotted Card for each coworker on the back of the square. Tell them how they exhibit the values you checked.


6. Deliver the Spotted Card to your coworkers!

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Download the You've Been Spotted PDF Now!

Download One

Download Set of Four

One MidlandOne Midland Logo

One Midland is our next step in engaging a stronger culture development and understanding. Our One Midland initiative helps us to recognize and connect our culture-related progress as an organization. 

The One Midland branding does that. This brand-mark is a representation of who we are as Midland States Bank. This is also symbolic of who we are continually striving to be: customer centric with a great culture at our core. The outermost square is representative of us, the Midland team. We serve as a champion to the customer and our culture. The "One Midland" text inside the square is the common core that we share, regardless of role or responsibility. The circumplex reminds us of the vision culture we are striving to be at the core of every interaction. 

No matter what branch, building, or state you work in, you are moving forward with the same vision. 

  • We resolve conflicts constructively. 
  • We work together as one team. 
  • We are supportive of others. 
  • We encourage on another. 
  • We are banking professionals. 
  • We perform with excellence. 
  • We celebrate our accomplishments. 

As we continue our work on the constructive culture, you will begin to see the One Midland logo even more, specifically on training materials for culture programs and other signage at all our locations. Our ongoing culture training will provide more clarity and consistent application within our check-ins and huddles. Our One Midland initiatives will also give insight into what our customers mean to us and what standards we have in place to build and continue our relationships. 

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little blue character smilingWho's the little blue guy?

That's Dot! He'll be serving as detective during You've Been Spotted. He's on the lookout for people exemplifying Midland's values such as accountability, achievement, integrity, creativity, empowerment, and teamwork.

Look for him to pop up other places too. He's quite mischievous so he could show up anywhere!