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Personal Savings

Pay for qualified healthcare expenses with pre-tax contributions through a Health Savings Account.

per month
Minimum opening balance $100
Minimum daily balance to earn interest $0.01
Monthly service charge $2


Knock your monthly maintenance fee down to $0 when you maintain an average monthly balance of $1,500


Features and Benefits

Tax advantaged

Contributions into the account are made pretax, and payments for qualified expenses are made without penalty.

It’s yours to keep

Unused funds roll over year to year and are always yours, even if you switch jobs, become unemployed or retire.

Convenient access

Use your Midland HSA MasterCard® debit card to pay for qualifying medical and prescription expenses. HSA checks are also available to order.

With a Midland HSA, you can always expect:

  • FDIC insured up to the maximum coverage allowed. 
  • Free online, mobile and touch-tone phone banking
  • Secure online statements
  • Faster access to your money with direct deposit


Some restrictions may apply. Account can be opened with a recurring direct deposit. Account is a depository instrument only. Insurance is not provided by the Bank. The interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) may change. Interest paid is based upon the balance maintained in the account. Rates are based on tiers that are set by the Bank. The Bank may change the rate on the account at any time. Account closure fee of $40.00 when account is closed within 180 days after opening. Consult your tax advisor for tax savings. Accrual of noncash deposits – Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day the Bank receives credit for the deposit of noncash items (for example, checks).