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Equipment Financing

Specializing in the acquisition of third-party originated equipment finance portfolios and single transactions.

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What is Capital Markets Financing?

Our capital markets team offers third-party equipment finance portfolio acquisitions so you can continue growing your company with confidence. Come to us with single transactions or finance portfolios, and we can provide quick and flexible external funding.

At Midland Equipment Finance, we offer financing that fits. We can fund your operation up to $5 million with equipment financing assistance. If approved, the debt originator can maintain the loan servicing or release the entire process to our team. Regardless, we take the loan or lease off your balance sheet — all behind the scenes!

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Why Work With Our Capital Markets Team?

Our team empowers your bank or leasing company to take advantage of new opportunities with equipment lease financing. You can focus on company growth and mitigate risk with our capital markets acquisitions. Our operators manage your portfolio with professionalism and attention to detail.

You can enjoy a comprehensive and careful acquisition experience when you choose Midland Equipment Finance.

woman smiling while shaking man's handOur capital markets team offers:

Equipment finance industry experience: Midland Equipment Finance team members have years of fieldwork under their belts, but we still treat every acquisition like a new opportunity to learn.

Professional relationships: We operate with confidentiality and purpose in every client relationship. We meet all your needs throughout the process and find tailored solutions to your industry.

Flexibility: We work with banks, subsidiaries and independent leasing companies on any equipment-based finance transaction. We consider you our partner and treat you like one of our own members.

Private label programs: Enjoy private- or white-label options for your equipment leases and loans. We maintain an entirely behind-the-scenes approach through each transaction.

Transparency: You can rely on us to acquire a wide range of portfolios and single transactions for your needs. At Midland Equipment Finance, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.


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A Top 50 Equipment Finance and Leasing Company in the US

As reported in the The Monitor Bank 50 list for asset size and new business volume. 

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Equipment Lease Financing Details

We handle equipment finance acquisitions with a high level of security and efficiency. Whether you want to liquidate your assets, remove liabilities or make room for future growth, we can help you out. Though every portfolio acquisition will look slightly different, you can expect personalized management unique to your industry.

We offer third-party acquisitions with the following features:

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Transaction range from $50,000 - $5 million+


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Simple applications for transactions up to $500,000


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Same-day credit decisions and documents


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Full or partial assignment, discounting, referral and private-label options

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Full or non-notification to debt originator


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Available to companies across the country


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Term length up to seven years

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What to Know Before We Get Started

We understand that you want to do the right thing with your transactions. You can have confidence in your equipment financing from a team like ours. Our equipment lease and loan experts make managing your assets easy with quick, accessible acquisitions. If you want to learn more, check out a few frequently asked questions:

We serve a wide range of industries, including construction, transportation, waste, specialty vehicles, manufacturing, industrial and health care.

Yes! We actively seek out portfolios and single transactions from banks or leasing companies.

We look for audited financials above $1 million in exposure, tax returns from $500,000 to $1 million and, with our one-page application, up to $500,000 in exposure.

Prices will vary based on your long-term service. We use risk-based pricing to accommodate a wide range of clients.

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Choose Midland Equipment Finance for Portfolio Acquisitions

Give yourself peace of mind by working with our capital markets team. We manage single transaction and portfolio acquisitions across many industries so you can focus on new opportunities. With up to $5 million in transactions available, you can apply for equipment financing assistance from a team you trust.

To begin, complete our online form below to let us know how we can help. Our capital markets leaders, Andy Hall and Jennifer Pavlatos, will discuss the specifics of your portfolio or transactions with you. To learn more about us, explore our equipment financing services.

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How We Partner with Vendors & Dealers

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1. Partnership

After applying, Midland Equipment Finance (MEF) reviews vendor and dealer applications and begins talking with applicants.


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2. Prospect

Once a partnership is formed, vendors and dealers make introductions between MEF and their clients with MEF now being able to contact the customer directly to discuss their needs and create a tailored financing solution.

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3. Review

MEF assesses the available credit options and structures based on the client’s financial statements. Customers select their preferred options.


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4. Underwriting

Performed by MEF and upon agreement by the client, MEF coordinates with third parties to ensure timely delivery of funds.

How We Partner with End-Users

Step 1: Apply



Contact us to start with our simple one page application for transactions up to $500K

Step 2: Connect

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Enjoy same-day turnaround on credit decisioning & documentation

Step 3: Fund

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Receive funding in as fast as 24 hours


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