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Receivable Solutions

Cut significant time out of your collections process.

With our network of secure lockbox sites and innovative electronic receivables products, Midland provides comprehensive and cost-effective access to your accounts as well as state-of-the-art management resources.


Wholesale lockbox network

If your company receives payments in large dollar amounts, and moderate-to-high volumes from across the nation, a wholesale lockbox will help you manage accounts receivables. You’ll certainly accelerate your receivables processing. We can help you cut hours—or days—out of your collection process by automating your receivables postings. It accepts paper (check) and electronic (ACH, wire and credit card) payment formats, consolidating them for efficient reporting and management.


  • Reduce time consolidating information from multiple providers
  • Quicker availability of funds
  • Reduce risk of fraud and errors
  • Protect your company with dual-control safeguards
  • Facilitate cash flow management

Payment examples

  • Healthcare Explanation of Benefits payments
  • Property management payments
  • Manufacturer payments
  • Food industry payments
  • Logistics company payments
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Retail lockbox network

If your company receives large volumes of customer payments, processing payments and customer accounts can be extremely labor-intensive on your staff. With Midland’s lockbox service, your payments are processed through a centralized location. It speeds processing, and funds are routed to a Midland account to help you manage your cash flow.



  • Quicker processing of payments
  • Supports multiple forms of payment, check or credit card
  • Access cash from payments faster and easier
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