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Receivable Solutions

Midland helps make collections more reliable than ever before.

Midland’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) service for receiving payments will help you collect payments on time, offer more predictable settlements and give you more control over cash flow.


ACH debit origination services

Flexible options for originating ACH entries, combined with expert staff that helps you design and implement your program. You’ll get assistance all the way through, taking the guesswork out of how to best set up your program, along with:

  • Increased cash flow management
  • Reliable payment collection schedules
  • Increased payer satisfaction with convenient payment options
  • Ongoing internal support of your program
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Automate ACH initiation
through Pro Online Suite

Quickly and efficiently initiate transactions and review account information—all within one easy-to-use online financial service. Pro Online Suite is user-friendly and assists you with tracking your ACH transactions.

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Direct payment

A safe, convenient way to electronically debit payments from your customers—whether individuals or businesses—for recurring amounts owed to you.

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