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Let Midland’s check disbursement services save you money, time & resources.

Best for businesses and organizations searching for ways to streamline account reconciliation processes, tightening controls over issued and paid checks in order to reduce fraud.


Account reconciliation

Monitor your disbursement and track outstanding payments. While partial reconcilement benefits you when you have checks or deposit only, full reconcilement offers full reconcilement of your disbursement account. Transactions through Pro Online Suite detail the check serial number, amount, issue date and status for each item during the period.

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Positive pay

Automate your check-matching program and monitor processed checks against your account. This process gives you flexibility to reject suspicious transactions before losses occur. Used in conjunction with account reconciliation, positive pay complements your internal security standards to help protect your company against fraud. These items are provided to your company within Pro Online Suite so that you can pay or return them.

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