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Payable Solutions

Our Automated Clearing House for making payments simplifies the process for you.

Best for businesses that want to reduce paper-based transactions and are looking for ways to automate payment transmissions. You can control predictability of your payment schedule and reduce fraud by using ACH entries to pay employees, vendors and others.


ACH credit origination services

Flexible options for originating ACH entries, combined with expert staff that helps you design and implement your program. You’ll get assistance all the way through, taking the guesswork out of how to best set up your program, along with:

  • Increased cash flow management
  • Reduced lost check and fraud expense
  • Increased payee satisfaction
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Direct deposit

Automatically deposit funds into an employee’s bank account through Midland’s Pro Online Suite’s ACH system. You can also reimburse employees for expenses, as well as distribute pensions, annuity payments and shareholder dividends. Enhance your employee experience by offering a cost-effective way for them to receive recurring payroll.

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You can also use Pro Online
Suite ACH for:

  • Funding remote accounts

  • Federal tax payment services

  • State and local tax payment services

ACH fraud protection services

There are two types of ACH fraud protection options
that help you monitor ACH debit activity:

ACH Positive Pay

A module through Pro Online Suite that enables you to set parameters for processing ACH debits that are presented to your account. You establish the rules and determine the decision process to approve and process debit entries or return the ACH entry as unauthorized.

ACH Block and Filter

Prevents ACH debits from withdrawing money from your account. You decide whether ACH debits are permitted to clear or return. The Pro Online Suite Positive Pay module provides access to reports of returned items.

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