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Money Management

Sweeps link your checking account to non-FDIC insured investments, Midland loans and more.

Automatically transfer excess funds into short-term investments, pay down lines of credit or fund operational costs across multiple accounts. Managing your working capital and liquidity needs is an essential part of cash management, ensuring you have sufficient funds to cover your daily operations. You’ll save time managing and scheduling transfers as well as monitoring your overall cash position.

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Sweep options

Pro Sweep

Increase returns on idle cash balances and manage your overall cash position more efficiently.



Account-to-Account Sweep

Automatically move money from single or multiple accounts into a primary operating account to cover daily transactions and sweep excess cash into short-term investments.

Line of Credit Sweep

Automate liquidity management and minimize interest expense, while taking advantage of investment options for excess cash balances.



3-way Sweep

Automatically move money between checking accounts, loans and investments to manage your day-to-day cash in a way that’s unique to your financial needs.

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