Retirement Plans

Midland Retirement Plan team can collaborate with any size employer to tailor and implement an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Midland delivers a bundled package for employee sponsored retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing plans and SEP/Simple IRAs. The service allows complete flexibility with investment options and plan structure. We will consult on the plan design that best meets the ongoing needs and circumstances of the participants and the employer.

Midland has strong experience acting as investment manager and corporate trustee for retirement plans. As a corporate trustee Midland’s services include but are not limited to:

Plan Design/Installation

  • Educate employers on the variety of plans available and their specific features.
  • Collect needed employee data
  • Minimize/eliminate ERISA testing issues
  • Provide IRS pre-approved prototype documents
  • Develop and implement a timeline to establish the plan
  • Coordinate transfer of existing plan with prior service providers

Plan Administration

  • Coordinate 5500 reporting
  • Conduct non-discrimination testing
  • Process contributions, distributions, loans, and rollovers
  • Offer complete online capabilities for employers as well as employees
  • Ongoing monitoring of new retirement legislation

Investment Management

  • Investment policy development and implementation
  • Proven and demonstrated investment review process
  • Offer a broad, diversified, selection of quality mutual funds
  • Open Architecture – Funds represent multiple, leading industry fund families
  • Ongoing review of investment options
  • Self-directed brokerage options are available

Employee Education

  • Group education meetings and one on one consultations available
  • Meetings emphasize the benefit provided by the employer and the benefit of participation
  • Guidance on asset allocation, investment choices and importance of retirement planning

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, understandable education to the participants. Our goal is for participants to increase their understanding of the plan and accumulate funds for retirement. Our online capabilities are thorough and user-friendly. The platform allows full access to participants, as well as plan sponsors, and includes not only plan information but also forecasting and education materials. For additional information, please contact us.

Our Wealth Management Group creates a synergy with clients that encourages the communication and collaboration that differentiates our client philosophy.

  • Danny L. Stevenson, CFA
  • Regional Market President