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Wealth Management
Posted: 06.29.2021
by Ed Avery, JD, CTFA How would you feel about losing over $220,000,000? Stefan Thomas said, “time heals all wounds,” and he is at peace with losing over 220 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin.…
Posted: 05.31.2021
Change of (Retirement) Plans by Christo Schultz, Financial Advisor   Midland Wealth Management The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our well-being, including financial. Several surveys…
Posted: 02.26.2021
By Doug Warren, JD, Trust Officer We all know that in order to maintain good health, it is important to have regular checkups. In the same way, your estate plan needs similar attention in order to…
Posted: 01.12.2021
COVID-19 and 2020 will be forever known for its unprecedented challenges. But what about opportunities? Trust Officer, Ronald Glenn, M.A., CFP, discusses potential tax planning…
Posted: 12.11.2020
Trust Officer, Ronald Glenn, M.A., CFP, discusses the challenge many face with the dual goal of saving for retirement, while saving for college education expenses. Baby boomers are the original…
Posted: 11.18.2020
Doug Warren, J.D., Trust Officer, discusses Charitable Giving and Qualified Retirement Plans during a Rockford Park District Foundation Virtual Education webinar.  
Posted: 11.18.2020
Trust Officer, Robert Torbert, J.D., provides an overview of Charitable Remainder Trusts and their benefits during a Rockford Park District Foundation Virtual Education webinar.   
Posted: 07.13.2020
by Nicole Fasano, J.D., CTFA
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