Text Banking

Information on demand.

Request Information

Text Banking gives you account information within just a few seconds 365 days a year. Not too many things in life are this fast and convenient.

Text Banking is the ideal way to get a quick confirmation on your account balances, to check if a recent transaction has cleared or to move money to your primary account quickly. You make the request by texting the bank one of a variety of commands, and get a response within seconds.

Midland's Text Banking is free*, secure, available 24/7 and works on all major mobile providers. All you need is a mobile device that can receive text messages. Just activate your Text Banking account from your Midland Online Banking account and you're good to go.

Current Balances

Request your balance for specific accounts or all accounts by using the proper shortcut command.

Transaction History

A simple command will send a reply text message to you with your last 5 transactions.

Transfer Money

You can request to transfer money to your primary account by sending the Transfer command and amount.

Receive Alerts

Now you'll know! By setting up your Text Alerts, you will be notified when certain actions happen with your account. These alerts provide you notification concerning your balance or certain activity based on the preferences you choose, and selecting your alerts is easily done within your online banking account.

Alert types include:

  • Primary account balance sent every Friday
  • Primary account balance falls below preset limit
  • Payment that clears my primary account exceeds preset amount
  • Deposit into my primary account exceeds preset limit

Alerts are simple to use and so convenient and helpful to keep you informed. Managing your accounts has never been so easy.

Text Commands

Text Banking is easy to use. Simply send a text message to 454545 to request information about your accounts or perform a transaction. Then, within seconds, you will receive a text message response with the information you requested or confirmation of your transaction.

The simple keyword commands to use:

BAL The available balance for your primary account
BAL CHK The available balance for your checking accounts
BAL SAV The available balance for your saving accounts
BAL ALL The available balance for all your accounts
LAST Last 5 transactions
TRANS Transfer funds to primary account Example: TRANS 150 (would be a $150 transfer)
STOP Deactivate your Text Banking service
HELP Help on keyword commands

You do not need a password to access your account information via text message. A helpful suggestion is to save the phone number 454545 in your Contacts for easy recall. From your Midland Online Banking account, you can quickly set up your account and alerts.

*Even though our Text Banking service is free to you, please be aware standard text messaging fees from your wireless carrier could be charged to you. Please know the text messages from Midland will never contain confidential information about you and will never reference full account numbers. Deposits subject to verification. See the Mobile Remote Deposit Services Agreement for the terms and conditions of the service.