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Midland Wealth Management’s Socially Responsible Portfolio is structured with high quality funds investing in the fixed income, equity and alternative markets. In addition to the normal quantitative analysis, these funds evaluate supplemental factors when reviewing profitable and growing companies. These factors can be categorized into three main groups: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).


Environmental (E)

Companies that:

  • Focus on renewable energy sources
  • Recognize impacts of climate change initiatives
  • Work towards improving environmental sustainability

Social (S)

Companies that:

  • Focus on a diverse and safe environment 
  • Monitor its supply chain and management of human capital
  • Encourage a positive community impact

Governance (G)

Companies that:

  • Provide shareholders transparency of company governance
  • Uphold policies guarding against corruption, bribery and fraud
  • Maintain guidelines regarding takeover defenses and political spending


The Socially Responsible Portfolio works to keep money invested in the market while balancing investor values. Allocations to each of the sectors and fixed income maturity, within your desired objective, are determined by the Midland Investment Strategy Committee based on its assessment of the economy, interest rates and relative risk/return value of each sector. With our Socially Responsible Portfolio, we do not guarantee an eradication of certain investments but rather minimized exposure.


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