Online Access

Let your freedom begin.

Monitor your accounts

Branch-free access. What's not to love? Anytime, anywhere access to all of your accounts. Within just a few minutes, you can check balances, transfer money, pay bills, view statements, view checks, stop payment on a check, check your budget, see upcoming bills, pay a friend for lunch, and update your accounting software with your bank account information.

With access to your accounts online, you have total control over what is happening with your money. In addition, you will have simplified your life by being able to do all this whenever you need and wherever you have Internet access.

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Account Summary

With one simple click, you can see account activity for the last five days and your current account balance.

Online Statements

View your statements online, download a copy and print them if you ever have the need. It's simple and convenient.

Quick Transfer

You can transfer money between your accounts in just seconds right from the Account Summary page.

FinanceWorks powered by Quicken®

There's an easier way to manage finances, control debt and stay on budget – and it's available at no cost from Midland. FinanceWorks™ is a suite of online financial management tools designed with you in mind. Created to address you and your families' most pressing financial needs with a simplified, intuitive experience. This all happens in one place – within your Midland online account.

Now you can see where every dollar's been and where it's going. FinanceWorks shows you the activity of every account, loan, investment, bill and credit card you have, from Midland and beyond. It's a better way to think about your money, so you can make more informed financial decisions.

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Categorize Automatically

FinanceWorks automatically categorizes transactions so you can see where you spend your money and find ways to save.

Tracks Tax Expenses

Tax Watch will review your expenses and highlight payments which may be tax deductible to save you money.

Alerts and Reminders

Get timely updates about your accounts and helpful reminders of bills that are coming due.

Transfer money

Through your Midland online banking account, you have three easy ways of moving your money. You can move money between your Midland accounts, move money between your non-Midland accounts and move money directly other people – all from your Midland online banking account.

Transferring money is a great way to earn higher interest on your money until you need to sweep it to another account for your use. The use of transfers is also a way to make loan payments from your deposit account to your loan account. And with Popmoney®, you can now transfer money to other people easily.

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Midland Accounts

Through your online banking account you can move money between your Midland accounts, including to your loan accounts, as easily as selecting your accounts and how much to transfer. It is quick and easy.

Non-Midland Accounts

Using our Funds Transfer service, you can move money to and from your non-Midland accounts without ever having to go to the bank. Using Midland's online banking service, you can register your other bank accounts and begin using this service.

Transfer to Other People

Through Popmoney®, you can now pay other people directly through the other person's email, mobile phone or directly to their bank account. You can access this service directly from your Midland online banking account.

My TurboTax.

My TurboTax®

You no longer have to dread filling out your tax returns, having to wait in crowded offices waiting for a tax professional and paying professional fee when you can get a Midland discount using TurboTax. As a Midland online banking user you will receive a discount when ordering TurboTax through your online banking account.

Whether you are a first-time user or have used TurboTax for many years, you will find that using TurboTax makes preparing and filing your taxes easy. Feel 100% confident about your tax filing. Try TurboTax right inside of your Midland online account to get free personalized tax advice from an experienced tax professional – so you can feel even more confident your taxes are done right. In addition, you will not need a separate TurboTax login and your private information will securely be sent from your online account.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Feel comfortable knowing that if the state or IRS serves a penalty for a calculation error, TurboTax will pay the penalty and return your purchase money back.

Biggest Refund Guarantee

TurboTax is confident enough that they are willing to give your money back if you get a larger return using a different tax preparation method.

Free efile

Start your return and efile with TurboTax today. The moment the IRS starts accepting returns, TurboTax will submit your efiled return.

Get a Discount

Receive a discount off the purchase price when you purchase TurboTax through your Midland States online banking account.


We do not take online security lightly. In addition to password security, encrypted data and other online security technology, we provide enhanced security for your online account information. Through our Midland Enhanced E-Security, we confirm your identity each time you attempt to log in to your account.

With extra login security, when anyone attempts to login to your account from a non-private computer, we will send an access code to your phone or email that you must enter to confirm it is you. If we need to confirm your identity, we'll send you a one-time access code as a text message, email or automated voice call. It's your choice – you select the method you want and the phone number or email to contact. Since only you have access to your phone or email, only you can receive the required access code and access your account. If you have provided answers to challenge questions, these may be answered instead to confirm your identity. You can rest easy knowing your information is safe.