Mobile Banking

Banking in the palm of your hand.

Manage Accounts

We have upgraded our mobile banking experience. It’s now available in a free* and easy to use app for your smartphone or tablet. All that is required is your Midland Online Banking account and a few minutes to download the app to your smartphone (iPhone® or Android™) or tablet (iPad®, Android™ or KindleFire™). The Midland Mobile App is available from your device’s app store.

The app is free, secure and helps you manage your accounts anywhere and anytime you want. So, whether you’re waiting in line to pay for groceries, at your office or enjoying your vacation, you can do your banking quickly and easily. Within minutes, you can view recent purchases and deposits, make transfers, view check images, check loan accounts and make a loan payment. You can even pay your bills and manage your offers. It’s all so simple and quick, our app makes managing your money something your can do when and where you want.

Accounts Summary

It’s all about ease and speed. The account summary screen shows you all of your deposit and loan accounts at a glance.

Transaction Details

See your current and available balance, along with your purchase and deposit details by date.

Check Images

Images of your cleared checks are posted within the app, so you can quickly view the front and back.

Mobile Check Deposits

Making deposits has never been easier. Now you can safely deposit checks as soon as you receive them and eliminate the risk of carrying valuable checks around town where they could get lost or stolen. Within a few minutes, you can conveniently deposit your checks using the Midland mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, while eliminating a trip to the bank. You can deposit checks when you want, virtually anytime and from anywhere – 24/7.

Simply endorse the check, snap a photo of the front and back and send. You’ll get a confirmation that ensures your deposit has been made. Sign, snap and send – it’s that easy.


Simply endorse the back of the check you want to deposit.


Take a picture of the front and back of the check you'd like to deposit.


Send those images to us and we'll take care of the rest. You'll get a confirmation letting you know we recieved the funds.

Transfer Money

Moving money between your Midland accounts is quick and easy with our mobile banking app. The ability to transfer can save you from the embarrassment of insufficient funds and costly fees. Transferring money is also a great way to earn higher interest on your money until you need to sweep it to another account for your use. The use of transfers is also a way to make loan payments from your deposit account to your loan account.

So, when it's not convenient to go to the bank, transfer money by using your mobile phone or tablet. Within seconds, you're done.

Transfer Now

Within seconds, you can move money between your Midland accounts and receive a confirmation.

Select Accounts

Tap the account you want to move money from, tap the account you want to move money to, add the amount and tap transfer.

Posted in Detail

Your transfer will be detailed within your account transaction history for convenient record keeping.

Pay Bills

Simplify your life by paying your bills from your smartphone or tablet. No matter where you are or when you think of it, you can pay a bill to any of your payees in a matter of seconds! All you need to get started is your active registration in Midland’s Online Banking with Bill Payment, your active payees and our Midland Mobile App downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. You're ready to get started!

From your computer, you can set up your payees. Then, you will be able to pay bills from your computer, phone or tablet whenever you want. You're going to really enjoy how easy and fast it is to pay bills.

View Scheduled Payments

View your pending payments, cancel or make a new payment in seconds. This app is designed to help you manage existing payees and payments while you’re on the go.

New Payments

When you need to pay someone in a snap, select your payee, enter your amount and due date, and pay.


Each bill payment comes with a confirmation number to give you peace-of-mind knowing your payment is made.

Earn Cash Back

Earning cash back with offers is a smart way to save on those items you were going to buy anyway. Select from a variety of ever changing offers, and using our mobile app, you can accept which rewards you would like added to your debit card. When you make a qualifying purchase using your Midland debit card, the cash reward is credited to your checking account. No coupons to clip and handle – just a simple swipe of your debit card gets you the reward to save you money. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

And, as an added benefit, each offer includes a link to the nearest store location and complete details of the discount.

New Offers

New offers are available frequently and they are based on the places you like to go to make purchases. Just look for the star and the number of new offers available.

Tap to Accept

Review your offers and pick the ones you like. Tap to accept and the offers are added to your card.

Check Cashback Earned

As you make your debit card purchases at places where you’ve loaded the offer, you’ll see your cashback add up. Your total cash back is listed right inside your offers page.

Find Locations

When you travel, you may not always know where the nearest Midland branch or ATM is located. With our mobile app, you have a convenient, interactive locations map. You input the Zip or City and State, and the map will show you were our branches and ATMs are located. Knowing where these are could help you avoid fees associated with using non-Midland owned ATMs. In addition, since your device has a GPS to detect where you are, you can see exactly how close you are to our branch or ATM.

We're Available

It’s not everyday that you need to contact us, but when you do, your Midland Mobile App makes it easy. Just tap the "More" button and you can call, email, or view our website with the push of a button. Our app makes great use out of the technology built into your smartphone or tablet.

Download us from your favorite app store.

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*There is no charge from Midland, but message and data rates from your phone carrier may apply. Must be enrolled in Midland Online Banking to access the app. iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Kindle Fire logo are trademarks of, Inc.