Liv unlimited interest checking.

Liv unlimited with everything we've got.

Unlimited free checks.

Free Checks

With Liv Unlimited, your personalized checks come free - unlimited. We will order you our standard Liv Unlimited checks whenever you need them - at no cost. If you prefer a specialty check, we can offer you that style at a 50% discount off our regular price. Anytime you run out of checks, you can order more by phone, online or the next time you're visiting any of our banking centers.

Online tools.

Online Tools

This account comes loaded with convenient tools to access your money and your account information whenever and wherever you want.

Online Banking with FinanceWorks™

Managing your money is not always so easy. Keeping track of every merchant transaction, ATM withdrawal and deposit can be difficult without the help of Midland Online Banking. Our online banking service offers you the flexibility to perform your banking functions 24 hours a day from nearly anywhere you go. We'll even include FinanceWorks™, a convenient tool to help you manage your finances better, at no charge.

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Online Bill Payment

You can keep your statements more secure and your home office less cluttered by viewing, paying and managing your bills online. With free bill presentment, an electronic copy of your bill (an e-bill) is displayed within your Midland Online Banking account. E-bills are available from hundreds of national merchants and service providers. It's just another way to simplify your life.

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Mobile Banking App

We have upgraded our mobile banking experience. It’s now available in an easy to use app for your smartphone or tablet. The app is free*, secure and helps you manage your accounts anywhere and anytime you want. Within minutes, you can view recent purchases and deposits, make transfers, view check images, check loan accounts and make a loan payment. You can even pay your bills and earn cash back by selecting debit card offers through the app. It’s all so simple and quick.

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Mobile Text Banking

Access your Liv Free account anywhere, anytime by using a text message enabled phone. It's a fast, free* and secure way to get account information when and where you want.

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Bank by Phone

We offer yet another way to access your account for free. When using our 24 hour Bank by Phone, you can perform routine transactions such as balance inquiries, balance transfers, loan payment transfers and statement reconciliation. You can quickly and easily access authorized accounts and conduct transactions from any location.

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Bazing shopping discounts.

BaZing Discounts

Add more value to your Liv Unlimited account with discounted offers from local, regional and national retailers. Need an oil change? Save with BaZing! Going out to dinner? Save with BaZing! Planning a vacation? Save with BaZing! Benefit from hundreds of merchants offering great discounts.

BaZing is easy to use. Download the BaZing app for our smartphone or tablet for quick and easy access when you’re on the go. Local discounts will appear closest to where you currently are allowing you to tap the offer and show the merchant at checkout to receive your discount. In addition, you can get discounts directly sent to your email or visit the website to find offers. Narrow your search by finding local discounts within your zip code or take advantage of discounts from national retailers in-store and online. Click on the offer, read the details and save money.

In addition to regular retail store discounts, BaZing offers discounts on travel (hotels, rental cars and vacation packages) health (pharmacy, eye care and hearing), and dining. This can add up to a tremendous savings just by using BaZing.

BaZing Cell Phone Protection

Let’s face it, to replace your broken or damaged cell phone can get really, really expensive. With your Liv Unlimited account, and through your BaZing benefit, you can receive a great perk to protect your cell phone. If your phone is damaged or stolen, you could receive coverage of up to two claims of $200 per year. All you need to do is pay your cell phone bills through your Liv Unlimited account to maintain this coverage. Protection begins the first day of the calendar month following your cell phone payment. And, it gets better. This coverage is for the primary cell phone and up to two additional phones listed on the cell phone statement. Full coverage terms and conditions are available at

BaZing Identity Theft Assistance Package

You never know if and when your identity may be comprised causing you damage to your credit and reputation. Now your Liv Unlimited account can help you through that difficult time with protection assistance included at no additional cost to you.

Personal Identity Protection

If your identity is stolen, this benefit offers reimbursement for some expenses you may incur to restore or repair your identity. This lifetime benefit offers up to $2,500 toward those expenses.

Payment Card Fraud Protection

Fraud specialists are available to assist you if your credit cards become lost or stolen. These specialists will provide assistance in cancelling and reissuing your cards, and provide guidance to help protect your finances.

Identity Theft Aid

For other fraud issues and concerns, this service offers unlimited access to a personal fraud specialist who will provide education, guidance, identity recovery support and resolution services, as well as concierge assistance.

BaZing Roadside Assistance

Car trouble never happens when you have time to deal with it. But feel better knowing you have help available when you need it. This roadside assistance benefit offers a discounted rate for the basic problems of jump starts, flat tires, fuel delivery, lock assistance, short distance towing and more. Simply tap the BaZing mobile app, and under the Roadside Assistance information is a toll-free number to call for assistance while you are stranded. Its easy to use and a money-saving benefit.

BaZing $10,000 Accidental Death Insurance

If nothing bad ever happened, no one would need insurance. Unfortunately, it does, and buying insurance always requires the contemplation of unhappy events. As the name implies, Accidental Death Insurance protects you from the unforeseen financial hardship of an accident that causes death. The plan provides worldwide coverage for you and any joint account holder.

Midland debit card.

Interest and More

Another perk that you get from your Liv Unlimited account is interest. You don't have to move excess money in your checking to a savings account to earn interest. Every dollar you keep in your Liv Unlimited account earns interest. The interest rate will vary based on how much you keep in your account. Interest begins to accrue on the business day we receive credit for the deposit of noncash items, for example, checks. So, get the most out of your account by earning money on your money.

Debit Card Access

Midland's Debit MasterCard works like a check, only better. When you make purchases, the amount is deducted directly from your checking account – but you also enjoy added convenience and security protections. Just use your debit card when you are ready to pay. It works fast, so there's no need to write checks or fumble for change. Plus, you'll save on trips to the ATM and can leave your checkbook at home.

When you swipe to pay for your purchases, your money comes directly from your checking account, but you also get security protections that help prevent, detect and resolve fraud.

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ATM Refunds

Your Liv Unlimited account comes with an added ATM benefit – refunds at non-Midland ATMs. We realize that from time-to-time when you travel, there may be times when you need to use a non-Midland ATM. Typically, we charge a fee for this convenience and so does the owner of the ATM you are using. One of the privileges of having a Liv Unlimited account is that we will waive our fee for this service, up to as many times as you use non-Midland ATMs. However, we remind you that you are subject to any fee posted and charged by the ATM owner.

Liv Unlimited has no monthly service charge when a minimum daily balance of $5,000 or more is maintained. Otherwise, a $10 monthly service charge will apply. A $40 fee will be charged when account is closed within 180 days after opening. Concerning Interest Bearing Accounts: Minimum daily balance to earn interest is $0.01. Accrual of non-cash deposits - Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of noncash items (for example, checks). Your interest rate and annual percentage yield may change at any time. Foreign ATM fees by ATM owners other than Midland States Bank will be charged as the fee occurs. Retailers listed are not sponsors of this program or offer. Participating retailers are subject to change at any time and without notice. Learn more about BaZing benefits at Bank rules and regulations apply. Minimum opening deposit for personal checking account is $50.