Investment Management

The financial landscape is changing faster than ever. Your investments should be managed accordingly. Midland States Bank Wealth Management, with over 92 years of investment experience, offers you custom investment solutions that focus on down-side protection and boosting investment yields.

With our innovative approach, we recommend individualized strategies and provide timely and meaningful communication. Through active and ongoing management of your assets, we strive to achieve consistent and less volatile performance, while continually staying focused on your objectives and goals.

With information scattered everywhere, access to investments is just a phone call or web link away. Still, few individuals truly have the experience, time or resources to go it alone. While the marketplace for financial services is crowded, where should you turn to for guidance? At Midland, we act as your financial partner.

To be sure, at Midland, you will find the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your best interests are behind every decision we make.

By acting as your investment stewards, our experienced and steady hands give you the advantages of local and deeply personalized service with a world-class approach to investing.

Our community focus has helped us to develop an appreciation of our client's needs. Our commitment can be summed up in three phrases: We listen. We are approachable. We are responsive. In sum, keeping your interests is at the heart of everything we do. Your success is critical to us in every way.

For a complete evaluation, or even an investment check-up, we can help you make the right choices. And, we can save you time and stress by making investing a clear and straightforward process. As a result, you can dedicate more time to other important items in your life.

Asset Management Process Peace-of-mind through custom asset management

At Midland, we place the most important investment decisions in the hands of highly trained and qualified professionals. Your financial advisor will help you determine an appropriate asset allocation based on your individual needs and our current assessment of market conditions. Our goal is to maintain allocations that will provide you with optimal diversification – particularly in a turbulent market.

The key characteristics of Midland's investment service include:

  • An individual investment plan designed to help you reach your financial goals
  • Access to actively managed investment solutions
  • An objective, unbiased investment process with optimal investments
  • A well-diversified portfolio
  • User-friendly, quarterly performance reports
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing using our Forward Frontier™ approach
  • Annual review and checkup
  • One convenient, asset-based, annual fee
  • Consolidated tax reporting

These services are provided through the Midland Trust Department.