Midland debit card.

Your checking account's handy little tool.

Just a few years ago, a checking account was just that – a checking account. It offered you checks and that was it. Today, your checking account comes with ways to pay online, by phone and also with a convenient little card – your Midland Debit MasterCard.

It's safer than carrying cash, easier than writing checks and works with a simple little swipe.

When using your Midland Debit MasterCard, the amount is deducted automatically from your checking account. Just use your debit card when you are ready to pay. It works fast, so there's no need to write checks or fumble for change. Plus, you can use your card at ATMs.

Midland Debit MasterCard features:

No annual fee

It's free! There is no annual fee.

Worldwide acceptance.

Use it around the world, anywhere MasterCard cards are accepted.

Use at atms.

It works as your ATM card.

Automatically deducts from your account.

Automatically deducts payments and purchases from your account.

Sign for purchase or use a PIN.

Sign for purchases or use your personal identification number (PIN).

Everyday purchases.

Carry less cash by using your card for everyday purchases.

Get cash back.

Use the cash back option to get the cash you need from participating merchants.

Write fewer checks.

Buy fewer checks because you'll write fewer checks.

Monitor transactions.

Easily monitor transaction details online or on your statement.

Pre-authorized payments.

Set up pre-authorized payments with your debit card at businesses you pay regularly.

Your debit card comes with added protection.

When you swipe to pay for your purchases, your money comes directly from your checking account, but you also get security protections that help prevent, detect and resolve fraud, including:

  • Price Protection. Should you find a lower price for a new item within 60 days from the date of purchase using your eligible Debit MasterCard, you may be reimbursed for the price difference.

  • Extended Warranty. Doubles the original manufacturer’s or store brand warranty for up to one year when you pay with your eligible Debit MasterCard.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee. If you become dissatisfied with a product you purchase using your Debit MasterCard within 60 days of purchase, and the store will not accept a return, you may be eligible for a refund for the cost of the product up to $250.

  • Zero Liability Protection. Whether you use Debit MasterCard to shop online, by phone or in a store, every purchase is backed by Zero Liability Protection*. That means you won't be held responsible in the event that someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

  • Additional Multi-level Fraud Monitoring. MasterCard operates a sophisticated, multi-level fraud monitoring system to protect cardholders from data compromise and fraud. This includes many enhanced features including a tamper-evident signature panel, card validation code, hologram and more. To learn about all of these safety features, visit http://www.mastercard.us/security.html.

Be smart. Tips for wise debit card use.

  • Keep your PIN private. Memorize it. Don't write it down and never tell it to anyone.
  • Know your current account balance. Don't forget about checks that have not yet cleared your account.
  • Always take sales receipts and carbon copies. They may contain valuable information that could be used to make purchases on your account via mail, phone or the Internet.
  • Record transactions in your check register as soon as possible. Remember to include any debit card fees that may apply.
  • Store your receipts safely in one place in case you need them later.
  • Review statements carefully. If you suspect a mistake, call the bank immediately.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact Midland immediately.

Ready to request your debit card? It's easy!

  • If you currently have a Midland checking account, call 1-855-MY-MIDLAND to order your card or stop by any Midland States Bank location.
  • Need a checking account? Stop by Midland to open your account and order your debit card.

*Visit http://www.mastercard.us/zero-liability.html current details on MasterCard's Zero Liability. Please refer to MasterCard for complete coverage terms and conditions by calling the MasterCard Assistance Center at 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747) for details on your benefits or to file a claim. If there is any difference between the descriptive language regarding insurance benefits described above, and the actual applicable master policy issued by the insurance carrier, the terms and conditions of the policy shall govern. We reserve the right to cancel insurance benefits at any time and must notify you at least sixty (60) days in advance. Coverage will still apply for any benefits you were eligible for prior to the date of such terminations, cancellation, or nonrenewal, subject to the terms and conditions of coverage. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.