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Sweep them into an investment each night and maximize your returns.

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When you have excess cash, high activity and Treasury Management needs, Pro™ Sweep Checking might be your ideal solution. Funds above a target balance are automatically swept into an overnight investment, minimizing your idle cash balances.

per month
Minimum opening balance based on your agreement
Monthly service charge $20
Monthly sweep fee $50 

Automated transfers in and out of your Pro™ Sweep Checking and investment account



  • Potential to earn more on idle cash
  • Flexibility and liquidity—if you need funds, money is automatically transferred back to your checking to fund your day-to-day needs
  • Convenience of automated transfers between checking and investment accounts, providing better cash management

*Some restrictions may apply. A Pro Connect analysis checking account is required for a Sweep Repurchase Account. A $40 fee will be charged when account is closed within 180 days after opening. Funds retained in your bank account are insured up to the FDIC limits. Funds retained in investment funds are not FDIC insured, but are securitized investments as stated in the Repurchase Agreement. 

Minimum opening deposit is $100. Earnings Allowance (also known as earnings credit) – an earnings allowance is used to offset eligible fees. Your earnings credit is calculated by applying the earnings credit rate to the investable balance available for services in your account. The earnings credit rate appears on the client analysis statement for your account. The earnings credit rate is determined by the Bank and is subject to change at the Bank’s discretion. You pay a service charge when your fees exceed your earnings allowance in a given month. Uncollected funds: Uncollected funds are funds the Bank treats as having not yet been collected, on the basis of the Bank’s current collection schedule. Fees for the use of uncollected funds – The fee for using uncollected funds is based on a monthly average. On any day you did not use uncollected funds, we assign a zero value. Negative Collected Balance: Midland’s base rate (Wall Street Journal Prime Rate) plus 4% is applied to your average daily negative balance for the monthly statement cycle. The average daily negative collected balance is the sum of the negative collected balance at the close of business on each day of the statement cycle divided by the number of days in the cycle. Recoupment: The Recoupment fee is .0775. Explanation of Recoupment fee: The FDIC charges each insured bank a fee to cover its share of the cost of providing deposit insurance to depositors. The FDIC does not charge a bank’s depositors for deposit insurance or require banks to pass the cost of their depositors. The FDIC does, however, permit a bank to recoup the cost of insurance from depositors, as long as the fee the bank charges its depositors does not reveal information that could be used to determine the bank confidential supervisory ratings or mislead depositors by implying the FDIC is charging the fee. The Bank assesses this Recoupment fee to partially recover insurance premiums it pays to the FDIC for deposit insurance. The amount of the Recoupment fee appears on the periodic statement or client analysis statement for your account and is based on the monthly average ledger balance maintained in your account. The Recoupment fee is subject to change by the Bank at any time and without notice. A $40 fee will be charged when account is closed within 180 days after opening.

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