Receivable Solutions

Run your business, not to the bank.

Remote Deposit Capture

Now you can deposit checks directly into your Midland deposit account without ever leaving your office. That's right. We now offer Pro Remote Deposit Capture enabling you to scan paper checks (no deposit slip necessary) and have the scanned images electronically transmitted to Midland for deposit directly into your deposit account. This allows you to gain access more quickly to your deposited funds.

More Convenient

Enjoy 24/7 access while eliminating multiple trips to the bank each day.

Safe and Secure

The check images you transmit and your transaction history are password protected to keep your important business confidential.

Improved Efficiency

Eliminate photocopying checks and speed up the collection process by scanning and depositing your checks. Keep the original check for your record keeping. Identify returned checks sooner.

Greater Control

Scan and deposit your checks on your schedule and manage your business finances through Midland's Pro Online Suite.

Pro Remote Deposit Capture is a must have business solution to improve convenience, better deposit availability and reduced transportation cost and risk.

Wire Transfers and ACH Collection

Through our Business Online Banking service, you can initiate and receive incoming wire transfers and ACHs directly into your accounts quickly and conveniently.

Wire transfers move funds securely around the country or world from our bank to another. Funds transferred by this method are considered collected and available for immediate use as soon as the wire is received. Our wire transfer services deliver same-day execution and settlement for transactions that demand it - tax payments, foreign exchange settlements, investments and third-party settlements. You can initiate wire payments through our secure business online banking service.

To help improve your accounts receivable collection, we offer Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. Once your customers agree to have their recurring payments debited from their accounts, you simply generate an electronic file and transmit it to Midland for processing. Collected funds are then deposited into your Midland account. ACH debit origination guarantees accurate payments from your customers and enhances your credit management process. It also ensures timely receipt of those payments, so you can improve your ability to forecast cash flow. ACH services can also speed the collection process and simplify your accounts receivable management. There's no need to mail invoices or wait for checks to be returned by mail.

When you work with Midland, you will experience our relationship management approach. You will work with the same Commercial Relationship Manager and internal loan team from initial contact through the completion of your project – a model of continuity that not all banks offer. This allows our team to get to know your business to better serve your individual needs.

Benefits of pre-authorized debit and ACH

  • Better cash flow forecasting and payment accuracy
  • Faster access to customer payments through ACH processing
  • Elimination of the time and expense connected with paper check processing
  • Lower fees for ACH transactions compared to wire transfers or paper checks
  • Better credit management with faster identification of problem accounts

Merchant Services

Boost your company's cash flow by accepting credit and debit cards for customer payments. Most customers have at least one debit card or credit card and expect the option to use it when purchasing almost any product or service. Accepting these cards is a great way for any business to recruit new customers, increase sales and streamline cash flow.

Benefits of accepting card payments

  • Ensure timely, guaranteed payment that can be transferred into your account with little to no effort on your part
  • Increase your business' cash flow with our next-day credit of your merchant deposits into your deposit account
  • Elimination of the time and expense connected with paper check processing
  • Protect yourself from potential losses caused by bad paper checks
  • Avoid the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash
  • Accept payments from virtually anyone, anywhere
  • Boost sales and improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their preferred form of payment
  • Increase your average sale because the customer doesn't need to have the cash on them
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