Payable Solutions

Quick and easy solutions to your disbursement needs.

Processing payments can present unique challenges for your business. So Midland has developed effective payable solutions to work directly with your accounts payable processes. These solutions will allow you to maintain control over your payments, reduce the risk of fraud, save your business time and keep excess funds available for other uses.

Online Bill Payments

It's the fast, easy way to pay vendors, creditors or any other person or company, without writing a check, buying a stamp or addressing an envelope. Pay it online through Midland's Pro Online Suite.

Designed with ease of use and online convenience, this service is packaged as a feature of our Pro Online Suite.


  • Review up to 24 months of payment history and view, modify or cancel pending payments
  • Schedule single, multiple or recurring payments
  • Receive e-bills from companies electronically
  • Pay multiple invoices or bills from a single vendor with one payment
  • Include invoice and credit memo details with payments to ensure proper posting to accounts
  • Pay bills from multiple checking accounts

Online Automated Clearing House Services

Say "good-bye" to paper-based transactions. Automated Clearing House (ACH) take you beyond paper checks to save time and money. ACH services provide a fast, secure and accurate method to send and collect electronic payments directly over the Internet. You can control timing, automate recurring transactions and reduce fraud, as well as potential errors. ACH also reduce check printing and handling costs, as well as check storage and account reconcilement costs. With ACH, you know exactly when your collections and disbursements will clear so you can accurately track and predict your company's cash position, allowing you to base important decisions on real-time information.

ACH payments will also help avoid errors and potential fraud due to lost or misdirected checks while lowering your processing costs. Pay vendors, employees, the government and other recipients on a precise schedule, eliminating delays and speeding account reconciliation.

ACH is a nationwide electronic processing and delivery system in which participating banks exchange transactions through a nationwide system of automated clearinghouses.

Use ACH for:

  • Direct Deposit Payroll
  • Pre-authorized Debits and Credits
  • Cash Concentration
  • Funding Remote Accounts
  • Billing for Regular Recurring Payments
  • Federal Tax Payments
  • State and Local Tax Payments

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Enjoy the convenience of online initiation of domestic and foreign wire transfers through Midland's Pro Online Suite service. With both repetitive and non-repetitive wires available, you define the wire templates you wish to use, as well the users authorized to access them. Each transfer provides data encryption protection to ensure transaction security.

Electronic wires performed through our Pro Online Suite service offers:

  • Templates for those transfers done on a repetitive basis
  • Domestic and international wires
  • Multiple levels of security
  • The convenience of initiating a wire transfer from your own computer

Business Credit and Debit Cards

When you make all of your business purchases and pay for each expense related to the company on a single credit or debit card, you have an easier time with your bookkeeping. It allows for easy record keeping of your purchases with your monthly credit card or bank statement.

In addition, having a company card allows you to get additional cards in key employee names. If your office manager handles the office supply purchases, you can give her a card to make those purchases with, for example. There is no need to cut a check when the manager is ready to place the order. Simply give the employees with cards a spending allowance and you can quickly monitor the spending of each employee by glancing at the statements.

When you consider a business credit card, we offer a variety of cards with different benefits, including rewards, travel benefits, cash back and low annual percentage rates. You make the choice on the type of card that works best for you.

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