Business Online Banking

Cash management with ultra-convenient online functionality.

Pro Online Suite acts as an extension of your company with many online service options. These solutions save your company time with automated account features, convenience and control. Authorized employees will have access to fully integrated, transparent applications that are secure and reliable. Our online system is FFIEC compliant through token authentication. Token-based authentication strengthens security when moving money via wire-transfer or ACH while preserving convenience and usability.

Please contact us at 1-855-MY-MIDLAND and ask to speak with your local Commercial Relationship Manager or to request a consultation and demonstration. A Commercial Relationship Manager will promptly contact you so that you will be aligned with the right financial products and services that will easily integrate into your company.

Business Online Banking

Your company will benefit from 24/7 access to accounts held at Midland through a secure online banking account. Your company's primary administrator will administer all users and assign permissions. Whether you are a small business with basic online access, or a larger company requiring more advanced services, our Pro Online Suite solution will offer control yet flexibility to meet daily money management needs.

Online account inquiry

View account transactions and balance information for each of your Midland accounts, including loans.

Electronic payments (payroll, vendor payment, collections, cash concentration)

Electronic payments provide fast collection of payments and reduced costs associated with employee payroll fulfillment. If your business sends recurring invoices, offering your customers direct payment option will ensure customer bills are paid on time and funds are accessible to you faster than if the customer paid by check. Another benefit of direct payment is a reduction in costs associated with returned items.

Cash concentration allows the transfer of account balances from different financial institutions into one account. This is ideal for businesses with multiple locations that deposit into other banks. Cash concentration eliminates idle cash and your company can aggregate balances, providing greater ability for higher returns, centralized payments or centralized liquidity management.

Positive pay and account reconciliation

Designed to help reduce or prevent fraud, Positive Pay is a monitoring system used to verify the checks that are clearing your account each day. The system matches the check number, dollar amount clearing and issue date. If the items match your online register, the items are paid. Items that do not match will require further investigation and your company decides whether to pay or return the item. This convenient tool reduces manual research and improves your operational efficiencies. Account reconciliation simplifies your internal bookkeeping and works in conjunction with our Positive Pay system.


Your company users will receive proactive notifications of key banking, balance and transactional events. For example, notification can be established for positive pay exceptions, or for ACH and Wire transfer transactions that require approval. This eliminates the need to continually log into online banking to check for information. Account balance notifications can be sent to key individuals within your company when a specified account drops below or rises above a designated threshold. This advanced notification enables your company personnel to make decisions concerning money transfers.

Account summary

Improve routine financial management by using our Account Summary function. Account Summary displays up-to-the-minute account balance, status summary and information detail that can be viewed online and downloaded to financial management software applications like Quicken® and QuickBooks® through Web Connect. Additional exports are available.

Bill payment and presentment (e-bills)

Your company can pay and receive bills within your online banking account. Customize your payment reports and download to your computer for easier record keeping.

Account transfers

Efficiently forecast and manage your cash position by transferring funds between accounts of common ownership. Transfers can be initiated for same day delivery with real-time authorization, scheduled for future delivery or on a recurring basis. If you set up future dated or recurring transfers, you will be notified of the transfer when it occurs.

Stop payments

Quickly stop payment on checks within your online banking account.

Wire transfers

You have control with more payment options such as wire transfers. You can send funds electronically by initiating a domestic or international wire transfer within your online banking account.

Tax payment service

Online electronic tax payment service provides quick and easy data entry, and ensures secure delivery.

Web Connect

Web Connect enables your business to export transactions from the Account Summary module and import them into Quicken or QuickBooks for easier reconciliation of data. Your company will save time when using Web Connect because it will reduce manual data entry.

Business online statements

Quick and timely online access of your bank statements will give your company a head start on your account balancing process.

Secure email

Securely send email through an encrypted service that connects directly to your online banking support team at Midland States Bank, allowing you to send private information.

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