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The financial tools your business needs start with a checking account.

As your business grows, it's important that your checking account options reflect and complement your business strategies. Midland checking accounts provide your business with account options that work well as stand-alone accounts, or partners with other financial products and services for more sophisticated needs. These accounts maximize your cash position and increase efficiencies throughout your company. If you have one or multiple locations, we have the ability to help you set up checking accounts which provides automated cash transfers to and from investments, loan pay-downs and more, depending on your business' needs.

Please contact us at 1-855-MY-MIDLAND and ask to speak with your local Commercial Relationship Manager or to request a consultation. A Commercial Relationship Manager will promptly contact you so that you will be aligned with the right financial products and services that will make your money work harder for you.

Low to moderate transaction and balance accounts

An easy to understand checking account designed for businesses (or departments) with low to moderate transactions. This is usually a great place to start for new businesses. If you're looking for a basic account with a straightforward, no frills approach – we have accounts that will make record keeping easier, and account balancing a breeze.

Interest bearing checking accounts

Everyone is looking for a great value and our interest bearing business checking account delivers. Our interest bearing checking account is transaction generous, and provides your company with great flexibility and less anxiety – especially when coupled with business online banking and a business debit card. Some feature highlights include:

  • Earns interest
  • Low opening balance
  • Low minimum daily balance requirements
  • Multi business account deposit balances count toward minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly service charges when maintaining the minimum balance requirement

Mid to High transaction analysis accounts

Analysis accounts are most beneficial for businesses that run large volumes of transactions through their accounts. You can utilize this account to your advantage by using it for cash manipulation and enhanced record keeping.

For example:

  • You can set-up a master account (your analysis account) and run other checking account transactions through your analysis account to streamline your statements and your accounting process.
  • An earnings credit will help offset charges.
  • If you regularly keep excess cash in the account, you can pair this account with a sweep account, and each day we will review your balance threshold and either sweep money into or out of your sweep account.

These are just a few examples of how your business can maximize earning power through an analysis account.

Zero balanced accounts

Businesses use zero balanced accounts to control money as it flows in and out of the account. It is a money management tool that works with another primary account that sends and receives the transfers from and to the Zero Balanced Account. The target balance of the Zero Balanced Account is set to zero, and transfers occur daily.

The benefits of a Zero Balanced Account are:

  • Ease of record keeping
  • Centralized operational funding of multiple locations
  • Reduced chance of money loss from bounced checks, theft and mistakes
  • Saves time and increases efficiencies
  • Greater control of cash

Sweep Accounts

Sweep accounts are investment tools that are typically tied directly to an analysis checking account. A target balance is established on the primary account and the "excess" is swept out of the account. Based on your company size and internal processes, the benefits of a sweep account may vary. Your treasury manager will spend less time shopping for rates on investment opportunities and managing operating cash.

The benefits of a sweep account are:

  • Liquidity, same-day access to invested funds
  • Automated sweeps to and from an investment or line of credit
  • Fully invested to a predetermined target balance level, allowing investments to occur without the need to call or manually transfer
  • Opportunity for higher returns

Funds in sweep accounts are not FDIC Insured, but are guaranteed through a Repurchase Agreement. The monthly fee can be offset by the target balance in your business checking account.

Additional services that complement your checking account

For the ultimate in cash management and treasury management solutions, you may also be interested in:

  • Business Debit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Business Online Banking
  • Positive Pay and Account Reconciliation Tools
  • Remote Deposit Services
  • ACH and Wire Transfer Services
  • Merchant Services
  • Online Statements

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