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Enjoy the benefits of earning interest and the flexibility to write checks. 

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Built for business and organizations looking for a competitive rate, our money market account offers accessibility, convenience and attractive rates wrapped into one account. It offers higher rates than a general deposit account with zero risk compared to other investments. And you can access your funds anytime, in case you need to make a purchase.

per month
Minimum opening balance $2,500
Monthly service charge $10
Minimum average monthly balance to avoid service charge $10,000


(Keep in mind: There are government-established transaction limits on all money market accounts—as well as charges exceeding these limits. Understanding your account helps you avoid additional charges.)
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A $40 fee will be charged when account is closed within 180 days after opening. Minimum daily balance to earn interest is $.01. Your interest rate may change at any time at our discretion. The interest rate and annual percentage yield for your account depend upon the applicable rate tier. The interest rate and percentage yield for these tiers may change. Federal Regulation D limits certain types of withdrawals and transfers from a savings or money market account to a total of six (6) per monthly statement period. Unlimited items: withdrawals or transfers are unlimited and will not be subject to the Excess Item fee when made in person at a Midland States Bank location, at an ATM, by messenger, or by mailing a request or speaking to a telephone representative to have a check made payable to you or mailed to you. Transfers to repay loans at Midland States Bank are also unlimited. Excess Items: All withdrawals or transfers not described under Unlimited Items are limited to six (6) transactions per statement period. An Excess Item is a transaction over the six (6) transaction limitation. The following are examples of transactions subject to the limitation: Transfers by phone using automated banking services or speaking with a banker on the phone; Transfers or payments through online, mobile and text banking (including bill pay); Transfers to a checking account for overdraft protection coverage; pre-authorized transfers and withdrawals (including recurring and wire transfers); Payments to third parties such as a checks, drafts, or similar other transactions (counted when they are posted to the account and not when they are written); Debit or ATM card purchases that post to the account. The fee per Excess Item is $15 . Fees could reduce earnings.

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