Online Bill Pay

A faster way to pay.

Pay bills online

Paying bills through your Midland Online Banking account not only saves you a trip to the post office and the cost of stamps, but it also serves as your reminder service so you don't miss a payment. In addition, using our online bill pay service, you can see all your scheduled bills and past payments in one convenient place - your online banking account.

The best part of paying your bills online is that it doesn't cost you a single penny and saves you from buying additional stamps. If that is not reason enough to begin using online bill paying, we'll give you one more reason - it is easier than writing a check and walking to the mailbox. With just a few clicks, your bill is on the way.

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It's convenient

You can make a payment in seconds directly from your online banking account home page without leaving the page. Simply select your payee, how much to pay and when to pay. Click. Done. Now that is convenient.

Get reminders

With each payment, you can select the option of receiving an email reminder. This allows you sufficient time to ensure you have money in your account and to make sure your payment arrives on schedule.

Schedule ahead

Your payments can be paid one at a time when you want or you can schedule them to be paid in the future - even recurring. This convenience will help you manage your money without spending time writing and mailing checks.

Monitor your spending

Keeping track of your finances is so easy when you keep everything organized within your online banking account. When you set up your payees, you can determine the payment category to help segment where you are spending your money. It's like having your own personal assistant anytime you need!

You can categorize your payments, search by month, payee, category, amount, date range and more. Whether you want to view current, pending, cancelled or paid items - it's easily available for easy tracking. And, you can make notes and store details to help when you need them. Your accountant will think you're the most organized person they know!

Manage categories

For every payee, select a category to place expenses, such as Auto, Credit Card, Household and Utilities. Or, create new categories based on your needs to segment your payments. From these categories, you can create reports to show how much you are spending by segment.

View reports

Create custom reports on your spending by the date range you want to compare - current month, last 60 days, last 12 months or another time period. Track where you're making payments to help you budget your money more effectively. It's easy to do and you may be surprised by what you see.

Receive e-bills

An e-bill is an electronic version of your bill that you receive through your online banking, directly within your bill pay account, that you can view and pay immediately, or whereever you want. E-bills are free and they can accelerate and simplify the bill paying process. You simply click it, view it and pay it.

With our easy set up, e-bills will make your bill payment process hassle-free. An alert is sent by email when your bill is delivered or "presented" within online banking. Login to your online account, click on the pending bill, view and confirm payment and date, click "pay" and you're finished! You can view past and current bills, and electronically store or "file" the bill if you don't want to pay it right away. Your own personal filing cabinet, data spreadsheet and reporting software - all in one place.

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Eliminate paper

You're helping the environment with e-bills, because for every e-bill you receive you eliminate unnecessary paper and envelopes. When you go paperless, you go green.

Automatic payment option

You can set up an automatic payment and we'll pay your e-bill when it arrives. We can also send you an email when your e-bill arrives and when it is paid. No more late payments or late fees.

Get started today

It's easy to get started, just click the "Set up e-bill" link and follow the online instructions. You should begin receiving your bill online within 1-2 billing cycles.