alpine and midland
Alpine & Midland

We appreciate your trust and look forward to continuing to serve you and your community in the near future!

Watch your mailbox! For now, here's a quick look at what's coming soon. 



Introductory Conversion at a Glance

This communication piece provides answers to common questions about the migration of your accounts to Midland States Bank, as well as details about when the conversion will occur and what it means to you.

Midland will launch a website page just for you and other Alpine Bank customers. It will provide answers to frequently asked questions and serve as a warehouse of information and communication materials.



Welcome To Midland Guide

This guide welcomes you to Midland States Bank. It describes a little more about us and communicates product and service details, disclosures, interest rates and more.


Reminder Notification

Approximately two weeks before your account(s) transfer to Midland, you will receive a reminder notification that walks you through important conversion weekend details. It also provides additional details concerning features and benefits of banking services.



Welcome to Midland!

Conversion weekend will occur July 13th to the 15th. Get ready to be welcomed into Midland States Bank! Check our website for details throughout conversion weekend.